Might Heroic-Mode Lei Shen + Ra-Den [ToT Raid]

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This has been a long time coming and over a month late in terms of actual kill dates. However, for sake for archive I figured it was best to quickly finish up and summarize the final two bosses of Throne of Thunder. If for whatever reason you want more thorough information or you're doing this after 5.4, feel free to drop a comment with your questions and I'll elaborate on anything for you. 

Twelvth Heroic was LEI SHEN
I was playing as BEAST MASTERY

This was one of the main progression fights I knew pre-emptively that I would be playing Beast Mastery on. The burst cleave it provides outshines anything Marksman could have provided and outshines any of the single target Survival could have provided. On this first kill, I'm running with Dire Beast and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Chimera. If you were watching the stream the past couple weeks, though, you'd know I swapped these out for Fervor and Posthaste. Fervor can line up nicely with ball lightning, and with our niche here being our fantastic burst this is a major plus to helping out the raid.

You can solo soak just about anything Lei Shen throws at you, which is particularly useful for transition phases. How you handle this will depend on your strategy. If your strategy has significantly more AoE than ours, it may even be beneficial for you to swap to Survival for Serpent Spread.

Thirteenth "Heroic" was RA-DEN
I was playing as BEAST MASTERY

Ra-Den is a piece of cake and you should have no problem with this. I played as Beast Mastery for the same reason I played it for Lei Shen: It is the strongest niche burst we have. Handling it correctly we can top the meters for whichever target we're assigned to, be it stalkers, orbs or the boss itself. Alternatively, we can provide a nice and even spread between several targets due to the nature of our pet mechanics. Don't let raid leaders be fooled into thinking you're not carrying your weight if you're doing a spread, though.

Survival is far easier to perform with on this fight. As Beast Mastery, our best performance is leaving the boss on Ra-Den and only helping out on Stalkers if melee need help or Orbs if casters need help. For subsequent kills I had a /petattack macro set to my arcane shot ability because we frequently needed help on orbs more than anything. Preferably, your casters can handle this on their own, or at least can do so only with the help of the hunters' portion of the damage while the pet remains stationary with the melee. Nonetheless, come to Raden with a /targetmacro for:
/target Crackling Stalker
/target Essence of Anima
/target Corrupted Anima
And probably with some sort of micro-management control for your pet. Other than that, the BigWigs Ra-Den assist addon makes this one a breeze and all you have to do is watch your name in the list.

Finally, here is the link to our final Lei Shen and Ra-Den kills of the tier: http://www.twitch.tv/nakauri/b/456511304


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