Redaction and Updates

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Sometime last year I made a post swearing off Blogger, claiming that I had lost interest in documenting hunterly ways due to site bugs and would most likely not use it as a medium in the future.

In a way I still think this is true - it leaves a lot to be desired when you're used to more complex or malleable resources, but ultimately my main complaint with Google is no longer an issue. At the time Blogger was causing problems with this page that were not worth the time to fix ... They are now fixed.
Of course, Blogger still only allows webdomain integration to the United States so the very professional .blogspot.* address remains - but let's be honest, I'm here because I'm a cheapskate and free is free! ;)

Therefore, while I may never use this page to document things quite like I did in Throne of Thunder, I've decided it is still a good, quick resource for myself to publicly discuss all manners of hunter. The past year and a half has seen most of my huntering ways flying under the radar: small appearances on the MMO-C class forums, a silent mod watchery over the Hunter beastcleaves IRC, futile PTR board participation. I don't have the mental stamina to engage fully with a community, but I do have the typing WPM to casually drop a blog post every now and then.

I have updated the home page of this site to accurately reflect Might's new raid schedule with my stream and the new Hellfire Citadel raid. The old hover orange is replaced with a more class appropriate green, and will stay for HFC through into Legion. There is also now a very silly crosshair-spear-arrowhead home logo to click. I never claimed to be creative.

In my post drafts are three pending posts: Mythic Hellbreach, Mythic Halls of Blood and Mythic Bastion of Shadows. This will cover 9 out of the 10 current defeated Mythic bosses on our kill list. When I post these they will be hunter-specific summaries of my experience for first kills and for farm, with video of Might's first kills as per usual.

Props to Delirium of Thrill of the Wild for being influential in my reconsideration of Bloggers use.


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