6.2 Hellfire Citadel - Mythic Destructor's Rise

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This page is to be a brief summary on the third wing of mythic boss fights of Hellfire Citadel, written from the perspective of a hunter. The purpose of this is to act as a documented archive of our kills and to potentially aid any others currently working on the boss who're looking for resources and happen to come across the page.
I have swapped Tyrant Velhari and Fel Lord Zakuun to reflect typical mythic progression order. Fel Lord Zakuun will be in Bastion of Shadows, Velhari in Destructor's Rise.

Tenth boss is TYRANT VELHARI
First kill was August 6, 2015 - world 103, US 18

Tyrant Velhari isn't so much a damage check so much as it is a tank and healer check. There are a few points in her health percentage where your raid leader might decide to hold DPS in order to avoid abilities lining up at inopportune times for healers, or to fit into the scheme of healing cooldowns. For the most part, though, I imagine most will be making the push to 70% and phase 2 as fast as they can.  If you're having trouble on the fight, likely it's something the tanks and healers have to figure out, not the hunters (especially in P3). For example, your paladin might need to relearn Selfless Healer for handing the debuff, the tanks lining up proper CD's to avoid instagibs in p3, etc.

The hunters job here is really simple: kill. Your CD's will likely be misaligned with the raids chosen ring strategy, so make sure you use your cooldowns on your ring pushes and don't accidentally use them before. Powershot is OK, but it won't be a big difference one way or another. For the most part you probably will be solely focused on Velhari, but cleaving and swapping to the adds for execute is a good idea too since they do need to die. For the most part, expect your raid cooldowns placed when the second add spawns - but with the purpose of burning Velhari, not the add. The longer you're in phase 2, the lower your max health becomes. The add can wait / get cleaved.

Some things that may be useful to know: use the weakaura for the fire storm so all you have to do is side step left or right two steps then back. Watch Velhari's cast when you have the debuff in phase 2 so you know when the damage hit will be activating on your shadow - clipping people without the debuff will likely kill them, so this is a very handy skill to have. Most raiders tunnel this and never realize the damage hit coincides with Velhari's cast. It's almost like she causes it! ;)   [she does].

Save your cooldowns for the add in phase 3, because killing it is going to be really important. You can also survive the sacrifice in phase 3 with both your deterrence charges, if you had been smart about damage in p1 and p2 and got there with both charges up. Another thing many people do is use shieldtronics for p3, since your maximum health is reduced, thus making the shieldtronic more effective than healing potions. A lot of this will be up to your warlocks and your healers, so just keep things steady while they learn the fight. Run away and disengage with a sacrifice if there is no warlock portal. 

Eleventh boss is XHUL'HORAC
First kill was August 16, 2015 - world 173, US 30

There's a few different ways to handle Xhul'horac too. The way we handled this is in the video below... One ranged group to the left with a chains group behind them, who will move back and forth between two marks to spawn the shadow adds, then move back towards the stairs for the fel debuff. 

There are a few jobs as a hunter you may be asked to do. The first is kiting Shadow Fiends when they spawn. These do not have an aggro table, but instead jump to whoever is closest to them. So the only thing you have to do to kite the shadow fiends is put yourself closest to their void zone, versus everyone else. Don't stand under the void zone though, or you'll spawn purple fire - something you don't want. Similarly, if a shadow fiend gets away from you and jumps to the raid, warn them so they can get out in time before spawning purple fire themselves. Then do better at picking the shadow fiends next time. A backup hunter friend is ideal. Taking these towards Xhul, but not close enough to jump to melee, will help them get cleaved down faster. You can maintain sniper training while doing this, but better to play it safe than sorry. 

The second job is sitting with the mages for chains. Empowered chains after the first large add dies will connect to one player who is farthest away at random, then connect to the two closest players. The chains gang job is to either be a mage and completely nullify the chains from casting, or to be a hunter and use deterrence to break the chains with the others for minimal damage. You can also try feigning the chains onto a mage. 

It's also likely you'll get a shadow debuff if you're out with the chains group. The job for this is to bring it towards the green fire, then blow the green fire up with your purple debuff so the platform doesn't get covered. Make sure you don't blow anything up while players are in range, though. 
You'll also be able to throw emergency interrupts on any of the imps, though ideally melee will have these covered with AoE silences and stuns. 

Twelfth boss is MANNOROTH
First kill was September 2, 2015 - world 122, US 23

Mannoroth is a sequential fight. You learn the sequence and you've learned the fight. There are specific things to do at specific times - it's kind of like a dance. However, depending on how your raid decides to do this dance will change the specific timings of the abilities, so walking you through the sequence specifically probably won't be very useful. 

As a hunter, your job is still mostly damage. Take barrage for imps, though you won't be the primary damage to them - instead it'll likely be warlocks, warriors, windwalkers, death knights, rogues, etc. You will need enough AoE fire power to avoid the imps empowering and exploding, but besides that all the damage should be in doom lords and mannoroth. Make sure you make use of Careful Aim and Kill Shot sniping on Doom Lords, any imps that may cause trouble or are isolated from the group, and infernal waves that your raid requires ranged to swap on. 

Disengage is perfect for fears with the group, as you'll be able to fly over top any infernals rolling in and land exactly where the fear will be ending. You'll also probably be required to use Deterrence to soak wraths in phase 2 - this will take some getting used to, but make sure you have Deterrence up when you're entering and when you're leaving if you're doing the grid strat like the video below. Not having it up will give you a lot of stacks very quickly, and likely kill you before you have a chance to react. 
Once you've learned the 'sequence', don't forget the sequence. Listen for the calls in the video below to get an idea of what I mean. 

Here is the radar weakaura for Empowered Gaze we used: http://pastebin.com/1Qz5Mc3M
And here is my Wrath of Guldan weakaura: http://pastebin.com/QdCXEuCA


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